Multi Clean TANK WASH 210 Ltr

Highly concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner frequently used for Dishwashing, Floor Cleaning, Hard Surface Cleaing, Glass Cleaning, Vehicle Cleaning etc.

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This product provides single product simplicity with multi cleaning application flexibility . This formulation provides this unique combination of deep cleaning  and odor control features. which can be used to soften up / remove baked on drying oils and used after animal and vegitable oils, fish oils, tall oils, tug oils etc . It is free from hydrocarbon solvents, Biodegradable minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials. RXSOL-16-1502-210 doesn't contain with silicate, phosphate, toxicity chloride

  • Provides superior,long-lasting cleaning,stain removal & odor control.
  • Degrades residual organics (e.g.grease,food spills,urine,etc.) to provide continual deep-cleaning action.
  • Prevents the growth of undesirable disease-causing organisms.
  • Keeps drain lines,sumps & septic tanks unclogged and free of odor.
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