Products are exported to various renowned countries

Our products are exported to various renowned countries of the world such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Middle East, Europe, USA, UK 

Products can be re-branded with your company name

Private labeling services offer you the opportunity of having our high quality, manufactured products branded as your own.

Warehouse Booking Services

Warehouses at major port locations in India and UAE.

Ship Hold Solution Cleaning Agent.

We are associated with International brand Chemical manufacturing and supply various types of hold cleaning products like High Foam Emulsifier Cleaner, RX Tuff High Foam conc., RX Tuff Highly Concentrated, HP Wash, Citric Acid LR grade, Foam cleaning Agent, Rock Phosphate Cleaner rx hold 210 Ltr, Deodorizer, Acetic Acid, Calcium Hydroxide..
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    COAL REMOVER rx hold 210 Ltr

    A powerful penetrating mixed chemical products to remove heavy coal deposits.

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    Rust Remover

    This is very effective and well balanced products to remove rust from all kinds of surface.

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    Cement Remover Dissolver Cleaner From Metal Surface

    It is highly concentrated and powerful penetrating agents materials which is effectively react with cement to loosen the bonding strength.

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    AQUA Tuff High Foam conc

     Very effective emulsifier – based cleaner for use in hold cleaning and general digressing

Haldia chemical Provides Ship Chandlers Services

Haldia Chemical engaged in supplying a comprehensive range of Marine Products according to the industry standards. Our Products includes deck, engine & Cabin store, provisions, gas cylinders, Life Saving and fire fighting equipments, Personal Safety equipments etc that are extensively required for the smooth running & maintance of the ships..
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